Tuesday, 27 May 2014

In which the book arrives and I plunge into a whole new foodie world..

A few months back I read an article in the Sunday Times about a new book by a very young man -Dr Kris Verburgh- called The Food Hourglass (HarperThorsons). He is apparently only 27 years old. This means he was born towards the end of the 1980s. I have a nephew older than that. Would I ever listen to any advice my nephew gave me about getting well and living longer? Probably not. But then I haven't known Dr Kris Verburgh since he was born and do not, for example, know that he would joyfully swap an expensive winter coat for a pair of sunglasses from Poundland. Which I do know about my nephew, regretfully. I already feel that Dr Kris Verburgh has never done this. He is, according to the back of his book, "A leading medical doctor and scientist of biogerontology (the science of the ageing process)."  Which makes him sound like a man who at the very least has common sense.

I am a fifty one year old woman and am 5 foot 7 inches tall. Since my well toned and svelter forties, I have gained two stones so that I now weigh 12 stones and 10 pounds. I exercise sporadically and without enthusiasm and often treat myself to red wine in the evening. I like a walk to include a tea shop and I enjoy scones with butter and jam, preferably black currant. I eat reasonably well some of the time but I am too aware that this isn't enough. I get hungry and crabby at 10 am, 3 pm and most of the evening.

If you administered a truth potion I would not say that I wanted a few tips on diet. I would say that what I really wanted was for Dr Kris Verburgh to transform my life.

Can you live up to my high hopes Dr Verburgh? I google a photo of you. You look like my nephew. You have clearly never felt the gentle give of fat as it accumulates just above your belly button or the luxurious sway of your softening buttocks in a loose summer dress. Yet somehow, in a burst of optimism, I believe you care. I will read your book and if it makes sense to me- I will give you a year to get me on track.

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