Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Changing the habits of a lifetime...

One of the greatest challenges going forward with this diet I think will be getting used to replacing the potatoes, rice, pasta and bread which I'm used to eating every day with a slower absorbing carbohydrate. The plate just doesn't seem complete without a splodge of mash or rice. But if I am to prevent blood sugar peaks and troughs and those ravening cupboard monster moments I'm going to have to find a way around this.  A simple way is to always have at least two types of vegetable on my plate and eat more beans. Yesterday I had smoked mackerel with a large salad of raw spinach, grated carrot, fennel, tomatoes, cucumber, celery and seeds, grapes, and dressing made with rape seed oil, lemon and mustard. For tea I had a chickpea and sweet potato spiced curry which I will definitely try again. I modified it slightly with the addition of a little coconut oil, which really brought out the flavour. I has this with toasted buckwheat-really great. There's enough for a couple of meals too. After that I had some strawberries with soya yogurt and white tea.  It was a day of delicious eating!

Try the chick pea recipe here.

Chick pea and sweet potato curry

Breaking news this morning -my GP surgery contacted me  today to say that a test from four weeks ago had revealed sugar in my urine. Nobody had picked this up at the time, but they now want me to go for a blood test. As I am sure you know, sugar in urine can be a sign of type 2 diabetes, which is one of the illnesses I am trying to avoid with this new way of eating. Ironic? If I have diabetes then the food hourglass way of eating will be the best thing to keep it under control. Blood test is booked for later this afternoon, so fingers crossed.

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