Monday, 2 June 2014

Danby Health Shop

There's a great little health food shop in a village not far from me, called, unremarkably, Danby Health Shop. It's run by two sisters and their mother. The shop looks out over a glorious view of fields and trees. It's not too far from where the TV series Heartbeat was filmed and the scenery is spectacular.  They look after people in the very best sense of the word.  I was in there the other day and an elderly man came in. The sisters were all ears for news about an outing he'd been on, asking him what he'd decided to wear. He left with a beaming smile. A lady with mobility problems stood at the door while the sisters became her obliging personal shoppers. I can't find a website for this shop, but another company has featured them when they had their first anniversary after opening. You can read about it

I bought buckwheat kibbles, soya yoghurt, dark chocolate and root ginger.  I started off the day today with a glass of water, then I had my oatmeal porridge flavoured with unsweetened cocoa (93% cocoa solids), a handful of walnuts, some raspberries and dark grapes and I drank ginger tea made with slices of fresh ginger infused for a few minutes. I'm going to try buckwheat instead of white rice because it gets turned into sugar by my body more slowly, which I now know is a good thing. Apparently consuming a lot of cows milk and yoghurt  is not so  great so I am giving soya a go. Dark chocolate is brilliant for making our insulin response stronger and helping the cardio vascular system stay healthy (see chapter 4 step 4), so I intend to include a 10gram piece in what is becoming an array of colourful food for breakfast. Ginger, incidentally tastes fantastic as a tea and is a powerful anti inflammatory. This doesn't just mean it will help with external inflammation, but works at the level of our cells. Inflammation in the body can lead to disease so is best kept in check. (See page 115). 

My drinks have changed from:
Diet coke, tea with milk, shop bought fruit juice and too many cafe lattes, to 
Water, ginger tea, white tea, green tea, and coffee with soya milk.

I feel a little bit better than I did yesterday and alot better than at the beginning of this blog -and I haven't even tackled the demon exercise yet! 


  1. Hi Karen. I have read your blog with interest and agree that sustaining a healthy-eating lifestyle means changing the habits of a lifetime. Dieting per se rarely works as we tend to become bored and easily revert to our old snacking habits - one treat a week suddenly becomes two, then three and so on until we find we've just undone everything we'd strived to achieve. I am keen to try your sugar-free chocolate brownie and would love to try your banana bread too if you wouldn't mind sharing the recipe. I hope I can manage to follow your plan successfully. Good luck JC

  2. Hi JC and thanks for commenting on my blog! The banana bread recipe is here
    It isn't sugar free, but has no added refined sugar. The sweetness comes from the fruit. I leave out the agave syrup to cut back on extra sugar and it tastes sweet enough. Ripe bananas are better as they have had time to develop natural sugars. The chocolate brownie recipe is under the entry June 15th. I hope you enjoy making them, they are sweetened with dates and are fragrant with coconut oil. Lovely!