Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Food hourglass cupboard staples

There are now certain foods that I try not to run short of, food hourglass staples that can see me through any crisis, when there is nothing else healthy in the fridge and the Indian meal for two beckons from the freezer. 

Buckwheat flour has become a surprising favourite. It produces a soft, springy texture in cakes and is absorbed more slowly that white or wholemeal wheat flour. It feels fine and silky in its raw state, a little like cornflour. I make sure I always have a bag of it handy.

Rye flour for bread and heavier than usual but delicious savouries.

Fresh bananas and dried dates are a good start for almost any sweetmeat. Cakes or brownies all benefit from the fruit sugars in either and most food hourglass desert recipes feature either or both.

Oils- avocado oil, rapeseed oil, olive oil, coconut oil.
Regular fresh supplies of salad ingredients- leaves, spinach, tomatoes, cucumber, red onion, red cabbage, celery, fennel, spring onion, carrots, beetroot, parsley and herbs. 
Soya yoghurt and tofu
Quorn, (mince and fillets).
Free range eggs
Fresh fruit and vegetables, dark fruit and green veg particularly -bought in two or three times a week, for main meals and juicing
Dark chocolate and cocoa
Fresh ginger
Lentils and beans
Chilli flakes, peppercorns
Soya, hazelnut, hemp and oat milk.
White tea and green tea
Lemons and limes for tea, juicing, salad dressing and generally zinging things up.
Walnuts, hazelnuts, other mixed nuts, peanut butter

Not an exhaustive list, but a good start!

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